English with Sam

Face to face English classes online with a British native speaker travelling the world. Come and explore it with me in English

Who we are?

Hi, I'm Sam, the creator of SamLernen. Here I offer everyone an exciting new way of learning English online, for work, for school or for your own personal development. I am a TEFL certified digital nomad who travels Europe and teaches online. I created SamLernen to provide our own exciting platform to teach and organise our courses and communication with our language learners. We believe that the best way to teach English is to offer interesting and exiting content where we learn English through discussion and analysis of world events, philosophy, history. We also work on creative web projects together, using internet technologies to make it even more interactive. The future of learning is here. 

Skype Lessons

I give face-to-face Skype lessons for individuals and groups. For native speaks of Spanish, German or Dutch I teach all levels, and at intermediate level for native speakers of all other languages. Together we focus on speaking, as it is most important, and through homework and working projects, we perfect grammar and written skills. You only need a camera, a microphone and the internet. Skype is free!

Learning by doing

You learn more when you have fun. Simple as that..and I like to create stuff. Learning by doing provides a strong visual connection to the vocabulary learned in the lesson. We share all the cool stuff we make with others so they can enjoy and learn from it. 

Mind mapping

We use interactive mindmapping to write down and save our ideas about a lesson. For example, we read a chapter of a book together and put in the words we learned together, we then connect those words to ideas and related words and topics

Creative projects

We use free real time collaborative software to create awesome posters, websites and designs. To make our topics more interesting, we create our own realistic newspaper article or infographic for it. We can edit and look at it again later. Homework has never been so fun. 


Coding is a fantastic way to learn English for the technical minded. After designing our websites, it's fun to make them into a reality. Learning the basics of HTML and CSS teaches us a lot of useful web skills and because it's all in English using English command statements, we learn double!

Learning Style

I think differently and I am definitely not not politically correct. I say what I want and you should too! Our lessons are a place for free discussion and debate. We like to teach English by discovering what the language really has to offer us. We learn by taking a closer look at world events, music, crime, drugs, history, new technologies and travel. We encourage co-operation and the involvement of friends. Anything that makes learning more fun, makes it easier. You can do a course online with your friends/colleagues in the same room or using different computers. The more people, the more fun. 

Login in and Learn

With SamLernen, you have the option to make an account and login. I only activate sign-up requests from clients. When you are signed up, you can organise all of your course work and your lesson times. This is very helpful, as it makes it more easier to access your course information when you are using a work computer or a mobile.When you are logged in, you also have other options like managing your payments, tracking your progress and accessing premium content




We've written a wide range of articles and lessons all about the most interesting topics from places and events all over the world. We read these articles together during our Skype lessons and use them to practise on reading, listening and speaking skills. We also pick apart the words and paragraphs to understand the grammar und writing techniques. 

The Expansion of Amazon

Amazon is a HUGE company and it's growing like a cancer! Its customer base grows everyday. Thousands of Amazon deliveries are on their way to their destination as you read this. Will they all soon be delivered by drones? What plans does Amazon have for taking over the world? Read more to find out!


How will China affect our future?

The last 30 years has seen the nation of China grow to epic proportions and at a breakneck speed. China is on a path to become the worlds greatest economic power. How will this affect the future of Westerners who have grown up BEING in the group of the most powerful and successful countries in the world. 

Investing in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful and busy country. Its economy has grown significantly in the last few decades. We take a look at some example Thai proprerty for sale and role play how to wisely invest our money, which properties to chose and which ones are the best investments for the future